by Lori Joyce

We began the making of, The Presence of the Goddess, in Boulder Colorado in 1990. In the early beginnings of this production we were able to obtain an interview with foremost archaeologist. Marija Gumbutas, before her death. She establishes the existence o fa Goddess religion in Neolithic . Europe that clearly demonstrates how our European ancestors lived a, life united with nature and were peace loving and balanced civilizations.

The time has come to complete this film, due to the tremendous success of 'February 7, 2006 Dan Brown 's best-selling novel, The Da Vinci . Code and it's feature film that will be. released in the spring of 2006, which has and will create renewed curiosity in the emerging awareness of ancient Goddess societies and practices.

Thanks to enlightened beings here in the valley, we were able to film on the island of Kauai last summer. Kauai and Sun Valley resident Eana Rose introduced us- to her sisters who are· re-connecting with their sacred roots through Hula dance, the ancient form of prayer to the many Goddesses of Hawaiian culture. They took the film crew to an ancient Temple dedicated to the Goddess Laka, where they danced in the sun·and wind. On a clear day, high a top a breathtaking vista we interviewed .. Susan Floyd, a Kuma and a Hawaiian Urban Shaman. Our footage from Kauai is beautiful and amazing.

We have an interview with Vandana Shiva, an Indian physicist, philosopher, ecofeminist, environmental, activist and writer who received the Right Livelihood Award in 1993, " ... For-placing women and ecology at the heart of modern development discourse."

In early spring our film crew will be on our way to Europe, South America and north America to obtain the footage of the actual sites supporting our archaeologists and historians assertion that the Goddess is the most persistent feature in the archaeological record of the ancient world. We will finish our interviews and film our recreations here in the Valley with the talented pool of artists I have here.

We intend to enter the film in the internationally recognized film festival, Sundance, by the fall of2006. The popularity and financial success of films such as, What the Bleep Do We Know and March of the Penguins, is making worldwide distributors excited about documentaries. We believe that this production has a high potential for a limited theatrical release.

Out message for this film is that a all life, all of nature, all males and females, are all sacred. We will show that it is possible to circle round back to a "partnership" society so that our children's future will be filled with peace, creativity, beauty and respect of the earth.

My circle round is also coming to its completion. I will be returning to Boulder Colorado, where it all began and where we will edit The Presence of Goddess in a new state of art post production. facility. I thank you all and Spirit of the Valley for your warm welcome and support of me as a filmmaker and for this film.