by Lorraine Brutsman

Lori Joyce is the Producer/Director/Writer for Idanha Films and Mist Productions. She has made 9 films since 1982, receiving awards for "The Journey of Sacagawea", "Breakthrough" with, Kris Kristofferson, "In Remembrance of Martin" a tribute to Martin Luther King, and "Shattered Lives" a documentary on domestic violence. I was introduced to her over coffee and knew right away she was the kind of person whose work needed to be known. Her current film, The Presence of the Goddess is about reawakening to the female powers that have been hidden, ignored, feared, and persecuted through the ages.

The film begins 7000 years BC with the creation of Mother Earth and tells the story of women on every continent and through every time. It speaks of the power and honor we once had, the peace we lived in for thousands of years, and how our wisdom and intuition were used and revered. The film will also show how we moved from a partnership society to a dominator society and how ,this effectively killed or negated woman's power. The story will be told through interviews and recreations, concluding with the message that the female is alive and well and reclaiming her divine powers.

I asked Lori what message she hopes to convey with this film and she had the following to say:
The film speaks to a place deep within us and helps us to circle around again and begin to see why we're here and what ... we as human beings can offer the universe. There is a great power within women that can be felt when a circle of women come together without competition or negativity. We need to bring that power, that spirit into the boardrooms, offices and into everyday living: To reclaim our power and be proud of it. We have gained much since the women's movement of the 60's and 70's, but at what cost spiritually? Women are beginning to feel like women again, recognizing the Goddess within each of us, and this film is designed to awaken our feminine spirit.

So, what can we do to help? Right now Lori needs 1.2 million dollars to complete the film. With this funding she hopes to release the film in January 2006. In order to make this a win-win situation for everyone she has started an LLC and is currently looking for investors. The film will be entered into Film Festival's like Sundance with a limited theatrical release to Art Houses, cable channels, PBS, and eventually DVD. The investors, of course, would receive a profit share from Mist Productions.

For more information about this film project go to or contact Lori Joyce at Mist Productions,, or 208-788-3158 or 571-6797.