Lori Joyce and Cammi Pavesic have teamed up and· sparks are flying! At a reception hosted by Linda and Jon Adamson at Ilene Deely's Woman of Steel Gallery, the award-winning film producer/director/writer and actress/theater producer unveiled. their vision: a new documentary film, "The Goddess: The Awakening of the Feminine Spirit."

Inspired by Joseph Campbell. archaeomythology pioneer Marlja Gimbu, futurist Riane Eisler and psychologist Jean Bolen, author of "The Goddess in Every Woman,"they want to explore the history of feminine spirituality including the demise of Mary Magdalene popularized in "The Da Vinci Code"-and assess present values and trends. Set in Crete. Egypt. Ireland, India, France and other goddess cu1turesites, the doc will "show it is possible to re-establish· and reconnect with people who lived for a thousand years without war ... to provide clues on how we can come full circle in a time when there is little hope," Lori says.

All it takes is money: an estimated $1.2 million. Information: www.idanha.org, lori@idanha.org, 571-6797 or 208-788-3158.